A simple reminder // Statement Silhouette Locket

I wake up in the morning and hurriedly throw on clothes all while being pulled by my two girls to the kitchen, “hungry mama! Hungry!” I whip together something to appease them and I head back to finish getting dressed. Hair mostly in a mom bun, the bare minimum makeup (my go to eye shadow color is whatever is left on my brush from the day before), and lastly I put on my locket.⠀

It’s weight is light but the reminder it brings is heavy. I go to start a load of laundry and as I reach to throw the pile of dirty clothes in it pings against my washer. That little ping of metal against metal, a simple reminder of who I’m washing clothes for. ⠀

Silhouette Locket, MAFA Locket
I head into my studio off the back of our small home and sit at my desk. I gently lift the Tupperware container that has each locket that I carefully filled from the night before. As I lean forward to check out their progress and make sure they’re curing well that familiar metal pings against the wood on my desk. A simple reminder of who I’m working for. ⠀

I sit down on the couch with my littlest girl and she eagerly tugs at the chain hanging delicately around my neck. “Open mama! Open!” I slip the locket out of her fingers and pry the brass apart. We look at it together as big sister comes running over to see the faces they’ve each seen a thousand times before. A simple reminder of who I work from home for.⠀

As dinner time nears I begin pulling out the supplies for that evenings dinner. The pots and pans, the food, the glasses. I hear the sound of little feet rounding the corner and a tug at my leg. I lift my 3 year old in my arms and my locket gently sways between us. A simple reminder of who I’m cooking for. ⠀

Once tucked into their beds each girl asks for kisses. I bend down to touch my lips to their foreheads and the glittering metal rests on each of their chests as my lips meet their hairline. A simple reminder of who it’s all for.⠀

All day long I am reminded over and over again. The reason I started this business, the reason I love it so much. No big grand moments, no sales strategies, no awards, no financial goals attained... none of it would ever compare to the reminder of WHO it’s all for.

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