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Mercy + Motherhood

Webster’s tells me that mercy is: compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm. And when I frame every decision for my kids through this lens it makes certain that I am A) always putting them first and B) treating them with the same heart posture that God treats me.

When I mess up, when I’m a disappointment, when I’m a crappy mom, when I act out of anger instead of patience... He meets me with mercy. EVERY single time. When I take the time to ask myself how God would handle ANY disciplinary moment with my children, the answer is ALWAYS grace and mercy.

The farther along I get in my faith, the more I realize just how polarizing it is to my nature. EVERY thing that is my innate response I must question. Is this my feelings or is this the truth of God’s word? When I look at discipline in this way it is a MUCH harder path, but I know it is also His design. Not only do those opportunities give me the chance to show my children the same grace Christ shows me, but it also gives me the chance to lead by example in “denying my flesh”. I don’t get it right every time, and I’ve been pretty terrible at it plenty of times, but that is why I keep coming back to this and how integral it is to my mothering. Because even in those moments of weakness and failure... His mercy meets me brand new every morning.



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