Rainbow Mural for a kids bedroom | Morgan Atkinson fine art | Florence SC murals

I can’t tell you how excited I am by the murals I have on my calendar in the next few weeks (some in our own new home and some for others). These are probably one of my very favorite projects to do and I just love being trusted creatively with other peoples walls! It’s such an honor to take a space and make it show your personalities!  

Shortly after posting the bathroom mural I did in our own house I was contacted by Dani who is expecting a new baby boy soon. The new arrival meant that big sister was going to lose her playroom space and being the sweet and kind hearted mom that she is Dani wanted to help make her daughter feel extra special in her own space. From picking out her wall color, to requesting a rainbow on her wall, Dani obliged each request and that’s where I came in! 

I came in and got this project done in about three hours time and the end result was loved by all parties.


I can’t wait to do this again soon! 

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