Raising my studio babies // Florence SC Watercolor Artist

Motherhood is hard, motherhood + running an art business when your oldest kid is under the age of five is well... next level. ⠀

But as we prep for baby brothers arrival I find myself craving more time with all of my loves, and adding another babe to the mix isn’t going to make things any easier so I may as well figure out how to do this without constantly feeling the need to separate these two major pieces of my life.⠀

It’s an honor to show their curious minds the peek into my creative process that no one else gets to see, to show them the value of working hard to create something beautiful, to love on them as we point out the colors, shapes and textures of each piece created, and to show them what hard working hands can make with a little creative spark and determination. ⠀

It’s certainly easier to push all the kiddos out of the studio and focus on pumping out work, but it’s far more rewarding to take the time to bring them into the creative process. And nothing beats the snuggles, hugs, and words of affirmation I get from my littlest cheerleaders.

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