When is the best time to have my child’s silhouette made? || Morgan Atkinson Fine Art custom silhouette art

Oh man. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question, I’d never have to sell any silhouettes because your girl would be LOADED!

Since this is SUCH a popular question I figured now would be a great time to answer it in a blog post. So if you’re in the midst of trying to decide if you should get your child’s custom silhouette art done right now or later, read on! I’ll give you my best advice for it!

Custom silhouette art of child, when is the best time to get a child’s silhouette done


I’ll start this blog post the very same way I will end it. At the end of the day, it is 1000% up to you. I can’t force you to do this at any point in time, and I’m totally not here to guilt trip anyone.  All I can do is give you my own point of view on this and let you decide. No sales pressuring here, no guilt tripping you if you don’t do it, I’m absolutely just here to educate you on what I’ve heard from moms who can’t go back and my own experience.


Heartbreakingly enough I’ve already heard from so many mothers in the handful of years that I’ve been doing this just how much they wish that they could go back and do it when their babies were smaller. It’s breaks my heart every time because I know just how much these art pieces of my babies mean to me on a personal level and wish more than anything that I could give that gift to those mamas who waited but the fact of it is, I can’t. 

You aren’t limited to one silhouette art piece for life, but you are limited in the time that they will look like they do RIGHT NOW.

It’s so beyond easy as a busy mom to put something like this off. The days flash by, were more tired than we’ve ever been, we don’t want to just sit down and do it. I GET IT. But have you ever looked back at a photo of one of your little ones and then saw them, standing right there in front of you and had that overwhelmingly emotional feeling of “ how the heck did they get so big so quick?”

Those features change in what feels like the blink of an eye. If you are like me and just stare at your children while they’re playing with a toy or watching something on tv and you just take in every precious curve and hook of their profile, every lash on their eyelids, and every hair on their head... then I can promise you that you’re going to miss this.


And this isn’t like a car sales commercial telling you “DONT WAIT, BUY TODAY!”

No, not at all. This is my advice to you to not wait for “the perfect time” you have carved out in your head. This is me saying don’t wait to capture your babies in this sweet and special way. Yes, your kid may grow a super adorable tuff of curly hair in a few months, their eyelashes may get longer, their nose may get cuter. And that’s FINE. you can always update it later. But what you can’t go back in time to capture is worth far more than what IS available to you in the future. 

Hand drawn custom silhouette of child, hand drawn cameo from picture of child

In this end, this is just my take, and what you do for your littles is totally up to you. But I’m the mom that updates her babies silhouettes once a year, sometimes once every six months. And watching those features change and grow and develop each and every time brings so much joy to my heart. For the features they have now, and the ones they started with. It’s MY babies, growing up in such a special way I never thought I would get to freeze in time. And now that I do have it, you guys... I’m so incredibly grateful for it.

Like I always say, “ what more does a mama want than a way to keep her babies little?”



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