PRIMUS no 02

PRIMUS no 02

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Watercolor, acrylic, earth pigments, and plaster on canvas.

Inspired by the beauty of raw stone and earthy neutrals, this 8x10 ready to hang canvas of texture and color is the perfect conversation piece and focal point for any space.

With eye catching movement from over 6 layers of various mediums, you’re sure to find something new in this piece each time you see it.

From the Artist:

"I lost myself in Motherhood.  For years I gave of myself in big and small ways, over and over, without ever seeing the toll it was taking.  At one point I had given so much of myself that I never thought I would pick up a paintbrush again.  I was run down, tired, and given right out.  This style of art is my HEARTwork, the very first thing I tried when I found the courage to pick up my brush once again.  A victory cry over everything I thought I wouldn't be, wouldn't do, wouldn't create.  

I lost myself in motherhood... how thrilling it was to find who she was becoming all those years right here."