Turnaround time for Silhouette Illustrations is 3 weeks. Turnaround time for Silhouette Jewelry is 5 weeks. Contact us if you need your order sooner!

How this Works

This process is truly a labor of love.  Every single piece of our process requires the utmost attention to detail and care and that is exactly what we strive to bring to the table with each and every product we create.

Our shop is completely custom, and because of this foundation we are limited on the number of projects we can take on each month.  We ask that you keep this in mind as you look towards holidays and special events.  For most retailers you shop with, the holidays may seem far away, but when each piece is entirely custom to each individual orderer's needs, The holidays are ALWAYS right around the corner.  If you would like to purchase something for yourself, or someone else for a holiday I would urge you to order it as soon as possible.  You can always put it away until that event comes, but when the rush truly hits we are very limited in the amount of silhouettes, lockets, and other items we can turn around in time.

The process is simple for you.  All we need is a photo of your child's profile to go by.  To ensure that our turnaround times stay fair to others who may also be placing orders we ask that you send please send your photos within one week of ordering.  You can send these photos to us via email at morganatkinsonart@gmail.com.  Please include your order number in the subject line so that we can quickly place and begin working on your order.  
** Please see the photo guidelines outlined below to make sure that your photos will work.  If you have any questions, or would like to take several to send and have us pick the best one we are happy to do that as well! **

Once we receive your payment and photos we will begin working on your order.  Every silhouette is 100% hand drawn by me ( Morgan ) and every detail, feature, and strand of hair is studied and incorporated into your final piece.  Once the original illustration is completed you will receive an email with your proofs attached.  We will guide you through up to two rounds of revisions to ensure that the final piece is exactly what you have envisioned and encompasses the true essence of your loved one.

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After approval your silhouettes will be printed and mailed to you if that completes your order.  For any jewelry items, the creation process for those will start now.  We size down your silhouettes and hand place them into your Signature Silhouette locket, Miniature Silhouette locket, or any of the other pieces we offer. After several rounds of sealing the piece with a non toxic, no VOCs, no COV, BPA free sealant your locket begins to cure.  Within 74 hours of completing this part of the process your items will now be ready to ship to you.

In the event that you aren't finished growing your family, no worries.  We can always add more children to your jewelry piece as time goes on.  We are able to fit up to 8 faces in each Signature Silhouette locket, and 2 in each charm on our Miniature Silhouette locket.

If you have any other questions feel free to email us at morganatkinsonart@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Silhouette Photo Guidelines:

-Hold your camera at eye level of the person you’re photographing. Make sure the front, back and top of their head is clearly in view! You should be positioned in a way that you can only see one eye while taking the photo.

-this is one photo where smiling isn’t super important. So the stress is off! (Moms everywhere rejoooiiice) a relaxed face is actually great, its classic and it will be the side view of your child you’re used to looking at. ( you know when they’re next to you playing with a toy and you just love how precious they look when their focused on something- that’s the magic.)

-try to get them to look straight ahead. A favorite toy, person, YouTube video ( hey Dave and Ava... you guys come in CLUTCH! ) grab someone to help you so you can focus on getting the photo.

-the hair doesn’t have to be perfect, however if there’s something you’d rather not have in the finished piece let me know that when you send it! Long hair looks best pulled up, crazy baby hairs look cute ALWAYS.

-phone camera are just fine, just be sure to send the highest quality photo you can and make sure it isn’t blurry.