Mermaid [little box of somethings]

Mermaid [little box of somethings]

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ensory kits for little ones. Start their creativity early and grow their love for art with these kits.

Our dough is handmade in small batches with clean/non toxic ingredients (but please don’t eat, it won’t be tasty!).

We use salt to help keep your dough fresh. After sitting for a while you may notice salt crystals on top of your dough. This is completely normal and natural, just knead the dough and they'll disappear.

How to keep your dough fresh:

  • Store it in an air tight, sealed container (we like to use ziploc bags)
  • If dough is left out and gets a little dry, add a touch of water and knead it
  • If you add too much water and dough gets too sticky, add a touch of flour

We recommend ages 3+ due to small pieces and choking hazards.